The need for a development mock-up facility was imminent with the continuously increasing number of units utilised in the mining industry. This facility is also used as the final testing phase for all the units before dispatch to the client. RND testing is also conducted in this development mock-up facility, which is specified to most of our clients’ underground development conditions.

Types of Training

Crew training :  This leads to enhanced ownership of mechanised equipment, making sure that the machines are being used to their full potential in the most effective way.

Operator training :  This is divided into three categories:1. Novice 2. Refresher and 3. Underperforming.

Artisan training : This emphasises a planned maintenance system to prevent breakdowns, fault finding and function testing.


Thanks to the ever-growing field of technology, GST can now offer virtual reality simulators which can put you in a real-life scenario. These simulators afford you the opportunity to get the feel of mining and what it is like to be a drill operator whether underground or above ground. Our simulators are custom built for GST machinery and drilling systems.


Gaming Software Technology is our honoured department at Great Shift Trading industry. We are premier developers and publishers of entertainment software. We focus on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. Gaming Software Technology has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception.

We develop games and software for PCs, consoles, mobiles, VRs as well as augmented reality 3D models/games and animations. We do in-house coding, 3D modelling, rigging and rendering, graphic design and real-world environments in game engines such as in the popular Unreal and Unity engines. Due to the ever-growing field of technology, Great Shift Trading can now offer virtual reality simulators which can put you in real-life staged events. This gives everyone the opportunity to experience what mining feels like, as well as what it is like to to be a drill operator both above and underground. Our simulators are custom built for GST machinery and drilling systems.

Gaming Software Technology creates and maintains website designs, app designs, SEO and corporate identity. We engage in comprehensive marketing elements like social media marketing and management, direct marketing, media marketing, and material generation. We incorporate state-of-the-art software to accommodate advertising and video development. It is not surprising that all of this combines so that at GST, our Marketing and Public Relations divisions burst with creativity.

Gaming Software Technology brings you into a new world by offering you new and advanced ways of exploring and connecting. Now, you can absorb yourself in real-world simulations of the mining environment and experience the colourful world that is Gaming Software Technology.

Product Details

  • Development zone mock-up
  • Training rooms on premises
  • Virtual reality simulators
  • Training dvd's
  • Virtual classrooms