GST prides itself on state-of-the-art machinery and two centuries of combined mining experience. At GST, we utilise our computer numerical control ‘CNC’ machines, plasma cutters, robotic welding and conventional machinery, allowing us to be self-dependent in manufacturing our own unique and universal components.

We strive to meet all local and international legal regulations in mining, manufacturing and engineering, as required by our client’s individual needs as well as our environment. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and follow strict quality control procedures and safety protocols. This contributes to our flawless and effortless production, allowing us to appreciate and perfect the smallest component right through to the final product.

Each of our designated workshops is overseen by skilled artisans operating according to a specific trade. Our experienced draughting department, making use of the latest Computer Aided Draughting (CAD) software, ensures that from concept to final design, our manufacturing is backed up with complete confidence and accuracy.


Parts manufacturing
Custom builds
On site servicing


Our innovative mining machinery is manufactured specifically for the mining industry in South Africa by South African miners. GST provides a state-of-the-art approach to underground drilling, beyond that found anywhere else in the mining industry.

Our electro-hydraulic single and double boom drill and support rigs are designed and manufactured specifically for safe quality drilling in all development ends. Our working culture consists of a safe working environment. This is achieved by providing all the necessary work procedures, risk assessments and training manuals to operators ensuring a protected and productive workplace.


To survive and prosper, any business venture must strike a fine balance between the services it renders to its clients and the cost of providing those services.
In this respect, we believe that our corporate strategy places us in a strong position to provide those services at a competitive price. Provide a sustainable and efficient product to and ensure a satisfactory rate of progress for clients.

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