The GST Vibes 100 is a robust rock drill. It was specifically engineered for roof bolt drilling. The thrust leg system is the unique aspect of this drill. This system ensures that the operator is out of the danger area when drilling commences. Furthermore, as the thrust leg system is mechanically stabilised and operated, drilling is accurate and effective.


Vibes 100 Advantages

  • The RDO can operate the roof bolter remotely, from up to three metres
  • The same rig is used both to drill the hole and insert the roof bolt.
  • The jackhammer bracket rotates around a stable column.
  • The RDO is also not directly under the hole when adding or changing steels.
  • The stabilised rig ensures that holes are drilled 90 degrees to the stope.
  • The Vibes 100 is a revolutionary design. It is a safe, accurate and effective tool.

Vibes 100 inline thrust:

  • The jackhammer is close to the footwall, resulting in increased stroke lengths.
  • Faster penetration rates.
  • Greater accuracy.
  • Better depth control.
  • Less bend in drill steels.

Product Details

  • Weight of unit: 25.28 kg
  • Length of unit: 0.541m
  • Comp. air consumption:114 CFM @ 4bar
  • Blows/min:2600 @ 4 bar
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