GST developed the GST Mole Drill rig as a raise development rig, opening the raises in order to get to the mineral rich reefs. The GST mole has different attachments making the mole diverse, it can be used alternatively as a stope scrapper to clean up development end after blasting. The GST Mole is your complete raise development rig from start to end.


  • The drill attachment can mine a six-metre combined shoulder in raise development.
  • The scraper attachment can clean all raise development zones after blasts.
  • The rig is remotely controlled, placing the operator under a supported roof.

Product Details

  • Weight of unit: 2650 kg
  • Unit retracted length: 4.3m
  • Retracted and folded: 3.5m
  • Extended: 5.5m
  • Height: 1.05m
  • Width: 1m
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