The SQL loader is used to load the ore after blasting in the development end. At GST, our aim was to make our loader safe, accurate, and effective. Thus SQL stands for “Safe, Quality, Loading”


  • Operator is more than three metres from the face and under a canopy.
  • Much safer loading operation compared to a conventional loader.
  • Operator always under permanent support (roof bolts) while cleaning the face.
  • No need to install sliding rails while cleaning; only jump sets needed to complete cleaning.
  • Mechanical bearing is done during cleaning operation with no one exposed to an unsupported hang wall.
  • Safer environment for development crew as bearing is done mechanically.


  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Hopper loaded to full capacity when loading by means of conveyor.
  • Manage overloading and minimise derailments delays.
  • Minimum derailments reduce cost to rail maintenance.
  • Increase development rate as longer rounds can be cleaned.


  • Loader cleans a normal round in less than two hours, depending on hopper availability. Therefore, the physical working conditions become more acceptable and favourable, and it also allows for enhanced skill development.

Product Details

  • Weight: 7968,4 kg
  • Loading ability: 80 tons/h
  • Traveling speed: 0.37 / 0.75 m / sec
  • Speed of scraper chain: 42 m / min
  • Conveyor chain: Single chain single motor
  • Adaptive tunnel slope: 1:100
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