The GST Vibes 300 is a robust rock drill. It was specifically engineered for stope drilling. The drill is unique due to its thrust leg system. This system ensures that the operator is out of the danger area when drilling commences. Also, drilling is accurate and effective because the drill is mechanically stabilised and operated.


Vibes 300 Advantages

  • Easy, fast collaring ensures on-mark drilling.
  • Accurate, inline thrust.
  • Increases penetration rates.
  • Reduces drill steel wear.
  • Consistent, fixed drill depths ensure straight face shapes.
  • Fewer blasts required to advance the required distances.
  • Parallel top and bottom holes result in desired stope widths.
  • The mine only takes out the rock it chooses, ensuring improved yield and mine profitability.
  • Improved safety features reduce costly Section 54 stoppages.

Health and safety

  • The drill advances towards the rock face, but the RDO does not.
  • Significantly reduced noise levels.
  • Reduces levels and cost to both the employees and mines of NIHL.
  • RDO does not need to stand behind the rig at all times.
  • RDO does not need to handle the rig for extended periods.
  • Reduces the RDO’s exertion and effort level.
  • Self-retraction of the drill steel.
  • No vibration exposure for RDO.
  • Drastically reduces fogging.
  • RDO is under supported ground at all times.

Product Details

  • Weight of unit:
  • Length of unit:
  • Comp. air consumption:114 CFM @ 4bar
  • Blows/min:2600 @ 4 bar
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