The SQTD-LP, is a trackless low profile, double boom drill rig.
It’s main function is to drill blast holes in the rock face.
The drill was engineered to be a SAFE, EFFICIENT, and COST effective
solution for underground operations.
The SQTD-LP Drill Rig unique features is the reasons why it’s the most revolutionary product in the workplace.


  • The SQTD-LP Drill Rig is operated from underneath a protective canopy and permanent roofbolt supports.
  • This drilling method places the operator in the safe zone, even when drilling is done in poor ground conditions.
  • The SQTD-LP Drill Rig’s protective canopy is ROPS and FOPS certified, and the braking system SANS 1589 approved.
  • Mechanical drilling is much safer, and requires operating skills rather than physical strength.
  • The mechanical drilling discipline, creates a safe and stable rockwall condition, minimising damage to the hanging wall, and ensuring a safer work environment for the drill crew!


  • The drill is electro hydraulic in design, this makes it easy to operate and service on site.
    The skid steer mechanism enables the drill to effortlessly maneuavre itself through tight underground spaces.
  • The doule booms are equipped with separate hydraulic power sources. This enables the operator to complete rounds with one boom, if the other boom is down.
  • The drills unique rollover mechanism makes the SQTD-LP superior when drilling foothole or lifter holes.
  • The SQTD-LP’s boom range, allows it to drill 1.6 to 5 metres high.
  • Same depth, and parallel drilling can now easily be achieved, to ensure effective blasting!

Cost Effective

  • The double booms allows drilling to happen much quicker than before. Ensuring that daily advances are met.
  • The drill’s scheduled maintainance plan, ensures that repairs are done on time, and because components can be serviced and replaced on site, donwtimes are reduced tremendously.
  • The SQDT-LP, and all it’s maintainable parts are locally manufactured by GST. Long-lead times are reduced when getting parts to the site.
  • Because of the SQDT-LP’s unique and innovative design, the drill and it’s serviceable parts are the most cost effective underground drill in the market!